silicone moulds

Instructions when using silicone moulds
Emlems moulds can be used with sugarpaste, modelling paste, florist paste, chocolate, isomalt, candy melts, clay, marzipan, cake mix, butter, resin, ice, plaster, soap and so much more.
They are food safe, freezer safe and oven safe up to 200 degrees.
Helpful hints
When making cake toppers I advise to use florist paste or modelling paste (you can also mix the two together). This is the best paste to use as it is flexible and dries quickly.
Use trex to grease your hands before kneading the paste and to grease the inside of the mould lightly.  Alternatively you can use corn flour.
Press the paste into the mould ensuring you press down to fill in all areas/gaps.
Push any excess paste into the centre and smooth over with your thumb.
Push out from the bottom of the mould and place on a tray to dry.
You can manipulate the shape if it has distorted in anyway when removing from the mould by using a sugarcraft tool.

Ideal for using with pourable material such as chocolate, isomalt, butter, water, soap or plaster etc.  However can also be used with fondant and solid materials as above.
1. Tape both halves of the mould together ensuring seams are covered and there are no gaps for leakage. 
2. Turn the mould upside down and fill with pourable material such as chocolate, isomalt, butter, water, soap, plaster etc
3. tap gently on a surface to release any air bubbles
Leave to set
4. Once set, remove tape
5. Then carefully manipulate the mould and remove the finished product.

Using paste in 3d moulds -  once you have removed the paste from the mould stick the two halves together with edible glue or water, smooth the seams with a sugarcraft tool and leave to dry.
You can also make the model in sections i.e head first, the body then feet etc
 You can insert cocktail sticks/skewers on larger figures to help them stand until dry.
Leave topper to dry thoroughly before painting with edible paints or pens.  You can also spray with edible glaze if you require a shiny finish.

We hope you enjoy using our moulds.